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Adventures in Missions

Adventures in Missions

O Rebel, Where Art Thou? (pt 5)

Sometimes I sit in my sweet, sweet ambiguity.  For a long time.  A.Really.Long.Time.  Maybe I should practice getting out of it… in baby steps?  Over at David’s place today, sharing my thoughts on my answer-avoidance issue and what can be…

O Rebel, Where art Thou, Trait #4

I’m sitting in Chicago, in a park a few hundred yards from when I first met David, updating with his post this morning– part four in our Rebel series.    Happy Tuesday, kids.  Enjoy. ****************************** The Trait: Curiosity for the forbidden…

O Rebel, Where Art Thou

 For the next few weeks, David and I will be sharing weekly posts in a series on rebellion– to quote him, “this is about those of us who perpetually find ourselves questioning leadership and established norms. We’ve come to accept…