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Last Thoughts on Church Rebel(lion)

Scars and war stories bring people together.  Kids on a playground, adults fighting the same demons, war vets…  there’s something about comparing bruises and identifying with someone else’s pain which forges friendships that even many years cannot boast.   This blog series and,…

O Rebel, Where Art Thou? (pt 5)

Sometimes I sit in my sweet, sweet ambiguity.  For a long time.  A.Really.Long.Time.  Maybe I should practice getting out of it… in baby steps?  Over at David’s place today, sharing my thoughts on my answer-avoidance issue and what can be…

O Rebel, Where art Thou, Trait #4

I’m sitting in Chicago, in a park a few hundred yards from when I first met David, updating with his post this morning– part four in our Rebel series.    Happy Tuesday, kids.  Enjoy. ****************************** The Trait: Curiosity for the forbidden…