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Sometimes a Revolution Isn’t the Best Solution

While some people can easily accept an answer, some of us need to scrape it together, roll it into a ball, toss it around for a bit, reshape it a few times and probably lick it while you’re not looking… all before we can understand and move forward in any helpful way.  
This isn’t because we’re jerks.  It’s because we question everything.  There are professions in which this is an incredible asset.  And situations in which we seem like incredible asses (you totally saw that coming, I know)…  particularly church situations.  
Story-swapping with my friend David led us to create a series for those who might identify as church rebels.
A kind of guide to not beginning an insurrection at your church (even when you think that’s what it needs)… or kicking out the kid with all the questions who you’re pretty sure is dousing the corners in gasoline and gripping the lighter in his pocket (in fairness, your rebel may have considered just that).  
Posts will be short, weekly (you get to meet David* later this week), practical and a space for interaction (because you’ve probably been on at least one side of the issue before and want to vent or share or suggest).  
Try though I might (and have) to get away from it, we’re meant to do this whole Following Jesus Thing in community.  Rebels don’t get to start our own church/school/organization/country any time there’s a leader or principle or answer we don’t agree with.**  
There are ways rebels can recognize our inclination and use it for good.  And there are ways leaders, especially church leaders, can benefit from their rebels (questions and all). 
So if you find that you walk into a (metaphorical) room and immediately start looking for a wall to push against, expanding the boundaries, welcome home.

Or if you find yourself quite bored with the perpetual questioners and wondering if the only way to deal with them is to kick them out, welcome home to you too.  
Either way, the dishes are in the cabinet to the left of the sink (cups on the right) and you can help yourself to whatever you can find in the fridge.  And whatever issues you’ve got with this Church Rebel thing, feel free to dump them with the two of us and we can sort together.  
*Yes, those links take you to two different pages.  So if you’re feeling properly stalker-ish, check them both out.   
**I’m from the Midwest.  I can end a sentence in a preposition, per some clause in the latest edition of Writers Inc.